Near the Mayor’s official residence at Gracie Square Park there is a wine and liquor store that would make anyone, Mayor or not, want to live in the neighborhood. Under a Burgundy colored awning in a spacious setting, a friendly staff rushes about servicing customers with a variety of wines that are affordable and geared to every taste.


The American section contains some of California’s finest while the French and Italian wines cover all the main regions and price points. Open until midnight, this store, located near one of New York’s last bookshops brings back the feel of neighborhood life. They deliver and you can request any wine not found on the shelves. Maybe someday even Hizzoner will come in!


Welcome to Gracie Wines where our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you. We offer a wide selection of wines, champagnes, sparkling wines, sherries and spirits at unbelievably low prices. Whether you’re throwing a large business party or just looking for a nice wine to accompany your dinner, Gracie Wines is the place for you. Come in today and check out our great selections and prices and take advantage of our specials.